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Pilates Mat Work

Joseph Pilates founded Pilates over 80 years ago.  He was at the forefront of explaining imbalance theories within the body and developed a series of 34 original mat based exercises.

Over the last 8 decades Pilates has evolved into an exercise regime designed to correct muscle imbalance by promoting core stability, flexibility, postural awareness and endurance.  Pilates is a gentle but physical workout that will teach you how to become fully aware of your body, your posture and your movement patterns.

Pilates will improve your strength, muscle tone and leave you feeling relaxed with a sense of wellbeing.  Routine in Pilates will allow you to recognise incorrect movement patterns, isolate them and correct them. This makes the discipline of Pilates practice invaluable for injury prevention as well as for rehabilitation.


Our classes

Improvers Pilates

Ideal for clients of all ages and abilities, including those with minor injuries or movement rehabilitation. The Pilates principles will be taught and modifications for exercises will be offered. Clients will be taught how to work within their own body’s capabilities.

Experienced Pilates

Ideal for clients who understand the Pilates principles and are injury free. This class increases the challenge by focusing on flowing movement to build stamina and ensure that every muscle of the body is strengthened and stretched using intermediate and advanced Pilates repertoire and choreography.

Pilates for Sport

Pilates for Sport will help you move with greater ease and confidence. So you can achieve your best in the sport you love. We achieve this with improved core strength, increased mobility and body alignment with good posture. Core strength helps you to go faster, kick further, hit harder and turn tighter!

Pilates for Osteoporosis

Pilates is a safe and beneficial form of exercise for anyone with Osteoporosis. Improving muscle strength and balance as well as helping with pain and posture. Pilates helps you learn how to move safely and confidently with compromised bone density.