The Pilates Boutique – Reformer Pilates in Heathfield, East Sussex


Reformer Pilates

The Reformer machine was originally designed by Joseph Pilates using rudimentary materials such as bed springs to help add a level of resistance to exercises, but also support those who needed help during certain exercises. 

Many Reformer exercises are simply mat Pilates exercises that use the Reformer to either make the exercise more challenging or make it easier.  This is the beauty of the Reformer – it can help intensify an exercise by increasing resistance or challenging stability but it can also make an exercise easier by providing support through resistance.  Therefore, it is great for those who are injured or with joint pathologies as the machine can feel supportive and helps ensure you are in the correct position.  The Reformer offers so many options, and alternatives to exercises that a mat simply wouldn’t allow.

Reformer Pilates is a physical workout that will teach you how to become fully aware of your body, your posture and your movement patterns.

Regular Reformer Pilates practice will improve your strength, muscle tone – sculpting your body, improve joint mobility with stability, posture and leave you feeling relaxed with a sense of wellbeing. 



Our classes

Fundamental Reformer – Level 1

Fundamental Reformer is ideal for clients of all ages and abilities, including those with minor injuries or joint pathologies.

The Reformer Pilates principles will be taught and modifications for exercises will be offered. Clients will be taught how to work within their own body’s capabilities.

The class is designed to stretch, and strengthen the musculoskeletal system, improve postural alignment, strengthen abdominals, stabilise pelvis, spine and shoulder girdle, improve balance and increase muscular flexibility and joint mobility with stability.


Dynamic Reformer – Level 2

Dynamic Reformer offers all the postural, flexibility, toning and injury prevention benefits of Fundamental Reformer, but with extra bite!

The focus is on duration of exercise to allow for functional muscle fatigue, and intensify the movement of the larger muscle groups to create an effective total body workout.

The result is an intense and demanding workout that with regular attendance sculpts figures, builds lean, toned muscles and will leave you buzzing with endorphins.

Not suitable if you are new to Reformer Pilates or have injuries or joint pathologies.